Tag der Arbeit


May 1st 2013

Socialist Party Members all over the world celebrate this day as "Tag der Arbeit" (Day of the work / Day of the working class).

I belong to none of them.

But to honor the true socialist spirit I decide to put up a totally extreme May 1st afternoon snowboard run using public transportation and no artificial oxygen.

So here is the - did i mention extreme - challenge:

1.) Take the 13:30 public cogwheel train (totally extreme elderly hikers on board) up Schneeberg mountain (its already operating in summer mode so it will bring me to 1860m in a bit over 40 minutes)

2.) Hike the remaining 1hr 15min to the Top at 2060 m without proper acclimatisation (remind the unbelievable speedy ascent of the cogwheel train)

3.) Snowboard nearly 1000 hm down "Breite Ries" (a big couloir with a steep 40 degree - super extreme hardcore deadly - entrance and hopefully still enough snow for my undertaking)

4.) Try to catch the public bus back to the train station (very very extreme)

OK, lets drop the imaginary socialist party flag and here we go:

Already inside the Schneeberg cogwheel train (with the extreme fee of 25 € 40 cents for one ascent not exactly operated in socialist party spirit, but at least with politically correct (at least for the day) red interior ,-) on the last stop it is absolutely mandatory for brave socialist comrades to hop off and get a famous "Buchtel" (best described as Marmelade filled rectangular cake - hardcore stuff)

Already well over 1800m, extreme climbing towards the Klosterwappen (the totally rad drop in point for the extremely dangerous run down)

looking back, the top station of the cogwheel train is behind the little peak in the distance, the heat is extreme reaching 16 degree celcius.

The last steps up to the summit ridge, very very tough when climbing unassisted by fair means without sherpas, fixed ropes and supplemental oxygen

And there is the awe inspiring, previously unskiied (at least by me on this day) Breite Ries couloir entrance I will be riding down totally stoked in just a few minutes :-)

looks like it should be possible to link the snow patches into an almost full 1000hm run with just two small traverses on foot ... yea !

and here we go !

hmmm... looks like I need to traverse a bit over the loose gravel... btw. loose gravel reminds me of the head filling of some of our politicians ... anyway, of corse I brought a red snowboard to honor the true socialist spirit (bruno schau owe)

And there we go again...

a second unbelievable extreme 5m long traverse brings me to the final snowpatch that is rideable right to the lowest point of the Breite Ries and into the beginning woods - as a heli pickup is out of question (remember we are doing this by fair means) i will have to do an extreme hike down over marked hiking trails - I expect a really really hard navigational challenge, testing my orientation skills to the limit.

just a few quick steps and I am on my board again:

another 100 hm of perfect corn snow in 20 degree celcius air (unbelievable hardcore - i am already sweating like a dog !)

and there we are: nearly 1000 hm below the summit in just a few minutes

one quick look back, and another quick look on my phone tells me I need to forget about Bruno Kreisky and speed up if I want to catch the 17:15 bus

Normally its a one hour walk to Losenheim from here, but as its already past 16:30 I definately will need to run down through the woods on the most direct line in order to catch the 17:15 public bus .... does it get more extreme than this ?

Made it, and oh yes it does get more extreme... the bus'es interior designer obviously loves cheap early 90ties sofas and most likely wears a fancy colored tie and a mauve mickey mouse sweater combined with light green pants...

anyway, back to the socialist spirit of public transportation: a truly very modest 1€ 50 cents (The legendary Bruno Kreisky would be proud of this) safes me a 2hr walk and brings me back to the trainstation in less then 15 minutes


(old socialist party (no i swear I did not make this up, this is real !) greeting between party members)