tandem paraglider flights


Tandem Paraglider Flights

We offer 2 types of Paraglider Tandem Flight experiences:


Alpine Hike & Fly Experience

We climb the Mountain of your choice and fly down.

Expect a unique and totally immersive nature experience.

The sensation of "pure" flight without engine noise while beeing a part of nature will open a new world to your mind, body and soul.

We offer various flight experiences, e.g.:

- Single day Hike & Fly (minimal mountaineering knowhow required, suitable clothing and footwear required)

- Multi day Hike & Fly

- Single day skitour & fly

- Two day alpine biwak flight with one night on the mountain in a tent or mountain hut (the choice is yours)

- Climb & fly alpine climbing in max. difficulty grade 3 (non overhanging rocks) combined with a high alpine paraglider descent

- Glacier & fly we climb up a glaciated mountain and launch from or near the top an fly through and over glaciers - an unforgetable experience

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: For all alpine adventures you must be a self sufficient competent hiker or mountaineer / climber / skitour enthusiast,

we do not provide mountain guide services, we only provide the tandem flying services.

Skillbooster tandem flights for Solo Pilots + esses

We can help you to boost your flying skills to the next level with one or a few of our Skillbooster tandem flights.

In any other form of aviation improving your pilot skills with a more experienced pilot on your side is the norm.

We now offer this concept for all Paraglider Pilots+esses who want to boost their piloting skills as fast and as efficient as possible,

while staying as safe as possible in their learning phase.

We offer skill booster tandem flights with different focus points, e.g.:


High Alpine Hike & Fly

Learn the basiscs of high alpine Hike & Fly style paragliding from our 20+ years of experience and boost your confidence for future solo flights.

After our skillbooster experience you will have the basic knowhow, knowledge and tools to plan an execute your own Hike & Fly adventures.

All with the safety of an experienced Hike & Fly pilot on your side during the flight, you will fly the tandem by yourself 99% of the time except for takeoff and landing

Mastering strong high alpine thermal flying

Flying in xxl high alpine terrain can be a very different compared to "standard" paragliding, strong thermals and 500m to +1000m high rock faces can be an

initially very intimidating environment.

Flying with a tandem paraglider not only means using a much more stable and more comfortable to fly aircraft, it also means you have an experienced

high alpine pilot on your side to reduce risk, speed up your learning curve and to prepare you for independent solo flying in demanding high alpine terrain

in the quickest possible way.


Toplanding in Alpine Terrain

We help you to enter the paragliding elite ranks - climbing mountains not on foot but with the helpo of a paraglider

Usually we will launch well below the summit and use thermals to climb up and topland at or near the summit of high alpine mountains.

This can also be combined with skitouring / ski descents.

Learn all the skills to make the seemingly impossible possible: climbing a mountain with only the power of the sun.


Multi day biwak flying

Learn the basics of X-Alps style paragliding in the most efficient and safest way.

We usually will fly for 2-3 days with 2-3 nights in a tent or mountain hut depending on terrain, weather and your personal preferences and abilities

You have individual needs / ideas ?

Please contact us, we can make almost any adventure happen that you can dream up.

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