less is more !

SOMETIMES less is more - why ?

Did it ever happen to you that you where doing your routine post-takeoff-positively-no-tangles-in-lines double check and you missed some lines and roughly 1-2 risers ?

oh and dont forget the right music, I had that soundtrack in my ear on takeoff todays sundown flight it was definately wise to have a high performance aircraft with the best possible minimum sink a few strings and some flimsy nylon fabric can get you these days..... some glide is not a bad idea too ... luckily I have that B8 2-liner in my arsenal waiting for those special days (all you non flyers simply think in the volvo ocean race boat meets moto GP bike plus lots of sexy highgloss carbonfibre billet titanium all bells and whistles high performance direction .. sorry girls, some of you wont get that, but dont worry, its just a silly boys thing ,-) .... yeayeayea

perfectly lighted stage !

But all good things come to an end ... no magic evening reverse thermals today ... but mother nature did her best and compensated it with even better stage lighting ,-)

yeayeayea boomboom boom boom ....


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