moving pictures


D- Movie of the Year

Italian Spiderman, our new hero.

PS: unfortunately not our work, but one of the best D or even lower rated productions I have seen in years ,-)



the ghosts of fog

Late autumn holds great light and colors, but also the risk that the ghosts of the fog will catch you....

This movie is a little experiment with a different visual and accoustic language, trying to drill down to the essence of the day...tell us if you liked it or not.


Lazy Friday Afternoon

Just a lazy Friday autumn afternoon


a clip from the past

in 2001, when we filmed this little snowboard movie the lautaret was free of kite- crowds and lagrave was still a true secret spot only known to a handfull of riders.

We were storing our music on CD's and MC's, took fotos on chemical dia film and had them digitized on drum scanners, did all the filming on (back then top notch) handheld mini DV tape camcorders and used selfmade fisheye adaptors ... those were the days .... ,-)

Highlight of our 2001 trip was a descent of the legendary couloir Y in perfect conditions .... Ronald and I were the talk of the town that day.

This 13yrs later 2014 decent filmed by a film crew party with much better equipment which was guided by our Friend Joe Vallone gives a good overview of the "Y" in case you want to ride it yourself one day --> .... one tip: in case you suffer from fear of heights, the traverse is pretty hardcore ,-)

Video link to the video below in case the embedded player does not work on your browser

Lautaret, April 2011




this winters best snowboard movie

the best snowboard movie i have seen for a long time.

truly captures the thrill of mountaineering snowboarding, well done xavier + crew !

I also really like that i comes without the "loud" hype and fully focuses on bigmountain, alpinism style riding... ME LIKE !

a MUST see.